For the LOVE of yoga!! Twist yoga is a full service online training community birthed for yogi's that love yoga and want a yoga teacher training that can fit into your busy schedule.

This training is designed for the yoga enthusiast who...

Has been waiting for a yoga training that aligns with your schedule.

You are living a healthy lifestyle is something that you LOVE to do - and yoga is a big part of it.  You have dreamt of going to an intensive course to become a teacher and share you passion with others, at least in your spare time, but the time and the cost have not lined up.

I get it, being a full-time mama and/or working full-time can get in the way sometimes, but not anymore.

In this training you will get access to in-depth yoga training from the comfort of your own home - to do at your own pace!

To complete your certification process you have two options you can either take your tests and turn in your teaching examples online through our completion portal or you can join the rest of your classmates For a week long retreat in Alaska.

You will be certified in hot yoga and power yoga and fit it seamlessly into your busy lifestyle from anywhere in the world.

Choose your track and let's get started - online on its own or live in Alaska?

What you get in this online 200 hour training -

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Phase 1 - How to teach Flame Yoga

  • Flame hot yoga methodology
  • Online posture clinics
  • Dialogue training
  • Yoga lineage training
  • Flame Yoga technique practice
  • Personalize your practice workbooks and yoga lifestyle training

Phase 2 - How to teach Breeze Yoga

  • Breeze yoga methodology
  • Online posture clinics
  • Pranayama - yogic breathing
  • Vinyasa - power flow
  • Breeze Yoga technique practice
  • Workbook and Yoga Lifestyle

Phase 3 - The art and science of yoga

  • Basic Yoga Sutras
  • The Limbs, Branches of the yoga philosophy
  • Lifestyle and nutrition
  • Anatomy and yoga postures
  • Workbook and Yoga Lifestyle

Phase 4 - The business of Yoga

  • Yoga Alliance
  • Your yoga teaching practicum (by the sea or online)
  • Pricing
  • How to make a living as a full time teacher
  • Your Own University Business Academy (upgrade for yoga entrepreneurs)

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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

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