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Twist yoga RYS - Hosting Continuing education workshops for RYT since 2006

Welcome, I am so excited to share the art and science of yoga with you.

Whether you are wanting to deepen your understanding of yoga or sharpen your yoga teaching skills each 40- 50 hour workshops. Each workshop fulfills 40-55 credit hours and is taught by Antiqua Libbey E-RYT 500.

Twist Yoga is a Yoga Alliance approved school for yoga education. 

Twist offers mind, body, Spirit based yoga programs which build upon yoga’s 8 limb path with fit, happy teachers and students 100% of the time. 

The Divine in 9 week program is an online interactive program. The rest can be done at your own pace setting up convenient workshop times with Antiqua directly or you may attend any of our week-long intensives. Each workshop does require home study hours and pre-retreat homework to complete all course work.


  • Flame – 40 hours plus homework  

  • Breeze - 50 hours plus homework 

Online Workshop  –  Divine in 9 -  with phone group meetings

  • Divine in 9 home practice and 9 group calls – 55 hours of practice and home-study plus 20 of group yoga lifestyle activities and study. 


    Mp3 and workbooks and how to teach the Flame and Breeze series. 


    As a participant are welcome begin your journey at any time by completing the Divine in 9 online program, or group workshop - this program will take you through the 3 Twist yoga transformational styles of yoga that you will be fluent to teach once you have completed the program of your choosing.


What you receive when you complete your registration to one or all of our exclusive workshops.

Instant access to deepen your understanding of these yoga styles and Programs. 



Divine in 9

Yoga Sutra and lifestyle study -  with a yogic philosophy twist

Flame 40 - Phase 1 of your 200-hour training

Some like it HOT. After Flame 40 you will master the yoga room with your voice, your walk, and your confidence. You will equipped with the secrets to proper alignment Yoga's medical healing power. If you new to anatomy it will be made easy and fun. We will also cover the rules for yoga ethics for you, so you avoid some of the common new teacher mistakes and keep your students coming back.

This is a 40-hour course with homework – which can be continuing education for returning teachers or an enjoyable week amerced in yoga wisdom and fun. 

The program you will immediately get access to your workshop materials including:

  • Flame dialog - Take the stress out of explaining the postures and put all your attention on your students

  • Basic Anatomy - Yoga anatomy lessons, so you can safely teach anyone.

  • Hot Yoga safety

  • Yoga lineages and history

  • Introduction to yoga philosophy and lifestyle and how to incorporate it into your teaching.

  • Hot Yoga and prenatal care

  • BONUS - retreat or cruise location for testing and practicum. 


Breeze and Wave 50 Phase 2 of the 200 hour training

Get into the flow as a vinyasa flow teacher. How to breathe to dissolve your stress and your students as well. Master the art of letting this world go while, living in it and succeeding. The secret power you have within you, and how to use it. The power of contemplation, meditation, and sacred prayer. Get out of your box and let God transform your life. This is a 50 -our course with homework.

Breeze study curriculum which includes:

  •  Your Breeze vinyasa flow - with your Flame foundation you confidently lead your student through each posture.

  • The difference between teaching a class and leading a class.

  • Business of Yoga - yoga alliance, pricing, insurance and beyond

  • Beginning yoga therapy, vibrational healing

  • Basic yoga diet

  • The Yoga Sutra's basic knowledge


Divine in 9  a 55-hour online workshop - start anytime this is the yoga training portion of the award-winning Divine in 9 transformational program. 

Walk through the program you are learning to master your home practice and experience the blessing you will share with your students for yourself.

  • Experience freedom in your body.

  • Be confident, secure and whole.

  • Step into your brilliance.

Going through this program allows you to see just how powerful this program is. When you are excited about it, your classes will be packed and you will naturally give testimony because you have experienced it yourself. Start TODAY - no application required.

Registration is OPEN


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